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Swan is a natural soda water for well-being.

Artem Lebed is an author and one of the founders of the brand. His personal story which relates to his sister, who got troubles having consumed sugar-containing soda in childhood. Hence Artem’s goal is to substitute all the mass market sugar-containing water with the high-quality production of sugar-free, all natural flavours and dye, that won’t contain any of harmful elements.

Some of the soda have sugar that was from natural plants, for example nut cola or grapefruit.The design we created is a combination of elegance and brutalism. The logo of the brand “SWAN” conveys via graceful details in “S” and “A” in san serif font an exquisite view of the logo. White background and black typography correlates with swan.

However, the idea was not to show bird itself, as it may look vulgar in the bottles packaging industry.

We have created a set of illustration for each flavour of the sodas in hypertrophied manner. Combination of two complimentary colours create fresh and bright look. Small icons in the abstract shape explicitly point out the drink advantages.Tonics are often confused with soda, when people take them for cocktails, so we highlighted category by the small sticker at the bottleneck. Two stickers create balanced composition on the bottle itself.


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