Narrowly focused.
So highly influential.
We make aesthetics the driver of our clients' brands. Beauty, fashion, and wellness require it a lot. That's why we make a difference here as design experts, marketing consultants and strategic partners.
For those who are just starting and need everything.
There are 2 types of entrepreneurs: those who choose the hard way and learn from their mistakes, and those who engage experts to achieve results as quickly as possible. While you make iterations… your competitors might bring your idea to life in just a few days.
  • You want to quickly launch and test your idea.
  • You don’t need marketing research, you feel the industry.
  • You need just essential materials, please, no brand-books.
  • You seek a rapid e-commerce solution to start selling even before your product is ready.
  • You want to kick-start your social media presence to grow the community.
Even if you are small and have a limited budget, we can assist you from conceptualization to product launch. Our experience can help you avoid investing your time and resources in unnecessary moves, as we've successfully overcome similar challenges with other brands.
When your brand’s direction requires a bold pivot.
Your market is developing and things change so quickly. You don’t speak in a cohesive genuine single language with your audience and seems like the company is lost in momentum.
  • You're seeking thoughtful messaging that makes your customers tick.
  • Your aim is not just to stand out from competitors but to become a leader in your industry.
  • You're looking for a brilliant new strategy that aligns seamlessly across every touchpoint: Instagram, website, email, and offline.
  • You require a holistic branding approach that grabs attention from the first glance at an ad.
  • You want to breathe life into your social media and grow a thriving community around it?
We provide a fresh and unbiased view of your brand, allowing us to identify pain points and areas that require change. Reignite your brand's potential and take it to new heights.
Who grows up — grows out of his pants
You might not realize that you lost lustre, but when you lose it, it happens quickly. You don’t have time to reposition to regain your lost shine, and your audience feels it too.
  • You aim to preserve your core values while staying culturally relevant.
  • You aim to clarify your company's purpose for your in-house teams.
  • You're in pursuit of enduring branding that transcends trends.
  • You're looking for a design system to bring order to all departments.
External team with creatives help to see from another angel whole big machine. If you have a great brand, people want to be associated with it.
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Our team, including marketers, designers, and strategists, has successfully completed a wide array of projects spanning various industries.
Clients says
"We are so thankful Orchidea for making our vision come to life and for being extremely patient with the countless iterations."
Samantha Morales
Moral, Founder & CEO
"Orchidea has an understanding of modern design trends, UX, and visual quality. They are good at building brands that look relevant and beautiful for consumers."
Katherine Sakovich
Etalon, CMO
"The team delved deeply into the consumer's mindset, paving the way for a quality change in rebranding and packaging."
Denys Saharov
Perla Helsa, Founder & CEO
"Sculptor became so popular because of many factors, but the identity from Orchidea was definitely one of the most important things in brand perception."
Anna Guseva
Sculptor, Founder & CEO
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