Marianna Senchina

Exquisite garments for extraordinary events.
Marianna Senchiana is a luxury fashion brand known worldwide for its signature puffy shoulders and captivating polka dot prints. With celebrity endorsements from icons like Rihanna and Dua Lipa.
Sisters Marianna and Natalie approached us to elevate the brand's appearance to new heights. While the quality and essence of their clothing were already commendable, the existing visual identity felt outdated and lacked a captivating appeal.
What we did
Our mission was to capture the essence of chic and elegance, infusing unique elements that the brand could incorporate into its garments.
To provide versatility, we crafted three distinct variations of the logo, offering a multitude of creative possibilities for brand collateral. Additionally, we devised a specialized system for their social media, ensuring a consistent, elegant, and sophisticated appearance for Marianna Senchina.
The brand's clothing and quality now align to meet elevated standards. The overall aesthetic has evolved to reflect a more sophisticated, luxurious, and comprehensive appeal.
Valeria Shaposhnikova
Creative direction
Dasha Levchuk
Brand design
Khrystyna Hovorukha
Graphic Design
Brand Identity

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