Fantasy Project

/imagine(if). Reimagining beauty packaging with AI.
/imagine(if) is our in-house experiments using AI tools. Each Friday, our team gathers in Zoom to discuss and experiment with ideas, forms and speculations that we have in mind.
The very first series of experiments focuses on creating different shapes for the beauty art limited edition packaging. We imagine that we have no limits in production and could do any form. Chatting, blending and discussing, the same way that we do in design, but together with Midjourney tools.
"We are looking for new tools to enlarge our instrument skillset, and this Friday brainstorming is something that boosts the whole team."
Khrystyna Hovorukha
Orchidea Art-Director
Lipstick can take various forms — thorny, wavy, fluffy, or flower-like. We generate shapes to explore how a form can evolve without being constrained by production limitations.
Nail Polish
We harmoniously merge nail polish with the aesthetics of the fungi kingdom, creating a natural symbiosis of beauty.
Mascara brushes, hair combs, mirrors, and other beauty accessories take on a fantastical shape, adding a touch of whimsy to the world of beauty.
As a result, we gain the ability to rapidly test ideas without starting from scratch. This innovative AI approach provides us with a broader range of options to create beautiful design concepts, expanding the boundaries of our creativity.
Orchidea Team
Valeria Shaposhnikova
Khrystyna Hovorukha
Alexandra Romanenko
Olha Kyselova
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