The art of face sculpting. A franchise of face massage salons.
Sculptor is a newly established franchise of face massage salons that offers a unique and innovative approach to self-care.
Founder Anna approached us during the initial stages of the Covid lockdown when uncertainty loomed large. Despite the challenging circumstances, Anna clearly envisioned a groundbreaking business model in the face massage salon industry.
"Sculptor became so popular because of many factors, but the identity from Orchidea was definitely one of the most important things in brand perception. I remember Valeria presenting me with three variants with perfectly matched ideas. After that, I recommended Orchidea to more than ten friends of mine who were looking for a perfect brand design."
Anna Guseva
CEO & Founder
What we did
We crafted a unique brand identity centered around an abstract line logo that embodies the art of face sculpting. This distinctive style flows seamlessly throughout all brand collateral, creating a dynamic and captivating visual presence.
Our journey in creating the line abstract face logo was an extensive and meticulous process. We explored over 100 different variations of the line to discover the perfect one that encapsulates the essence of our brand.
Valeria Shaposhnikova
Creative direction & Brand Design
Khrystyna Hovorukha
Graphic Design
Brand Identity

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