Perla Helsa

Taking supplements to new heights. A Rebranding that drives sales.
Perla Helsa is a dietary supplement brand that sources top-quality raw materials, makes potent and pure supplements and implements progressive formulas to market their products online effectively.
Denis, the co-founder of Perla Helsa, approached us with concerns about inconsistent brand packaging and a lack of clarity in the brand's messaging. Our objective was to identify areas that needed improvement in order to establish a captivating, vibrant, and cohesive brand.
"The team delved deeply into the consumer's mindset, paving the way for a quality change in rebranding and packaging. This, in turn, created the opportunity to reach a broader audience, become recognizable, and achieve higher conversion rates."
Denys Saharov
CEO Perla Helsa
Our research revealed that 90% of Perla Helsa's customers are women, representing a diverse range of ages and life stages. We recognized the Perla Helsa woman's desire to embrace multiple roles. Our brand strategy centers around empowering women to freely choose and transition between 5 roles, fostering confidence in their ability to fulfill any role they choose.
Our task was to create a holistic visual style for all Perla Helsa product packaging lines. Thus, Perla Helsa became a multicolored, vibrant brand with a specific color palette tied to each archetype along with the fixed composition and typographic grid.
The Perl that was once embedded in the logo has evolved into the primary symbol, encompassing the entire packaging. Perl's gradients of distinct colors aim to establish a clear differentiation within the product line.
The rebranding of Perla Helsa has brought about a significant internal and external transformation. With new packaging and impactful messaging, a strong connection has been established with the target audience, resulting in increased trust and sales.
Valeria Shaposhnikova
Creative direction
Natalia Gubenko
Brand strategy
Khrystyna Hovorukha
Graphic design
Akim Karpach
Design systems
Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Social Media System
Product Shooting

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