Healthcare startup redefines quit vaping in the US market. Closed $1.1M pre-seed round before official launch.
Jones is a new-generation Health Start-up with a holistic ecosystem that helps people reduce vaping and smoking. Jones’s team closed a $1.1M pre-seed round just before the official launch.
Founders Caroline and Hilary came to us with a clear vision to create a brand for the Quitting Movement. They wanted to establish a trustworthy identity backed by science. We understood that quitting is a challenging journey people try to avoid, but we believed adding joy could make a significant difference.
In the past century, smoking used to be viewed as a harmless and even helpful habit. However, times have changed, and now we can only recreate this story with a nostalgic vibe. To create a judgment-free mood, we built a visual story with a Neo-Retro Vibe inspired by old-school ads.
"Orchidea has been such a pleasure to work with. Their team is incredibly creative, inventive, and thoughtful. They’re dedicated to producing beautiful work with integrity and incorporating their clients’ feedback into each iteration. Together, we’ve created a brand we’re so proud of."
Caroline Vasquez Huber
Together with Jones, we collaborate on polishing every brand touchpoint to create a cohesive and exceptional brand experience, from small elements like bandanas to website and social media kit.
We blended vintage and modern styles to come up with a unique design code for Jones's identity. To add a touch of elegance, we incorporated fancy ornamented frames.
Jones team closed $1.1M pre-seed round, built an organic community on TikTok of 23.5K followers, 30M+ views, and 4.1M likes, and a beta user group on our app of nearly 1,000 active Quitters.

Our impact is on brand identity part and providing visual support during the launch period.
Valeria Shaposhnikova
Creative direction
Khrystyna Hovorukha
Brand design & Art-direction
Olha Kyselova
Brand & Graphic design
Brand Identity
Social Media System
Website design

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