say no mo

The ultimate beauty hangout. Nails, cocktails, and chill-out space.
Say No Mo is relaxed and entertaining beauty care. On an intersection of a luxury beauty salon, a legit cocktail bar, and a social cafe, we have created a very special setting which is offering a modern and entertaining lifestyle experience.
Elvira, the founder of Say No Mo, came to us with a strong idea to create something special in the beauty services market in Kyiv. Initially, Elvira had just an interior project with Slava Balbec, so we needed to shape the entire brand from scratch. We guided her through the entire process, providing services ranging from Strategy, Naming, Identity, Website, Social Media, and even launch creatives.
The main idea of the naming was based on the phrase "Say No More" with the additional underline "talk less because I am busy with my beauty routine". And even less that we decided to cut even words "more".
The branding design idea is not so obvious, but it conveys the right mood of the brand. Thin lines of the circle give you a little hint of the champagne bubbles; you can see it on the website, packaging, and social media posts.
We took full responsibility for organizing the photoshoot for the website and Instagram account. The first step involved generating ideas and creating a task for each shot. The second step was preparing the models, styling, and nail art. Finally, we had a long day of shooting, capturing around 60 photos for website and Instagram content.
Say No Mo has garnered significant media attention for breaking stereotypes in the beauty industry. It has been featured in prestigious publications such as Vogue, Anywell, The Village, and more, solidifying its position as an innovative and trendsetting brand.
Valeria Shaposhnikova
Brand & Digital design
Natalia Gubenko
Brand strategy
Illia Yankov
Akim Karpach
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Digital Design
Social Media Strategy
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Content Creation

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