Clean beauty brand with minimal skincare routine. Launch at UK market.
Founders Samantha and Sandro adhere to a less-is-more philosophy, asserting that the path to healthy skin commences by simplifying one's approach. They've entrusted us with crafting the moral universe, spanning from packaging to website design.
In an oversaturated beauty market, our objective was to capture attention at first glance. Furthermore, we aimed to seamlessly blend a scientifically-backed formula with the tranquil Mediterranean essence, which serves as the brand's inspiration.
"We are so thankful Orchidea for making our vision come to life and for being extremely patient with the countless iterations that seemed to never end. We know the difficulties of working with Sandro and I."
Samatha Morales
Founder & CEO
What we did
We created a minimal and elegant design that seamlessly integrates into an easy-going routine and enhances a modern lifestyle. We worked on Branding, Logotype, Social Media Assets, and Website design to ensure a holistic and finished visual presentation to the audience.
We've developed multiple logo variants to ensure flexibility and consistency across various applications. From vertical and horizontal orientations to a distinct geometric option, our branding evolves and breathes life through these versatile elements.
Moral made a successful debut in the British market and gained prominent features in leading industry media outlets, including Cosmopolitan, Stylist, and Cosmetics Business.
Valeria Shaposhnikova
Creative direction & Brand design
Rita Radkiewicz
Brand design
Olha Kyselova
Graphic & Digital design
Brand Identity
Social Media Kit

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