Beauty space of self-love around women's community.
We dream of a society where women would abandon the habit of comparing themselves negatively to others and instead learn to derive true, profound joy from themselves. At the heart of the brand lies the pursuit of discovering your inner needs, immersing yourself in knowledge, and relishing the joy of self-discovery.

Know yourself! Love yourself! Enjoy yourself!
The founder Daria came to us with a strong understanding and wish to create a women's community around her new beauty salon. We go through the journey from strategy and naming to all visual aspects to get a dynamic and vivid look.
"Investing in branding development together with the Orchidea team was the best decision. Approach to the client, quick adaptation to the request, an unlimited source of creativity, professionalism and responsibility — perfectly describes the well-established work of the entire team! Working with Orchidea is 100% about inspiration!"
Daria Holovko
MeNow, Founder and CEO
The name MeNow – it's all about seizing the present moment, the 'you' in the here and now. No more postponing, no more waiting for the right time. It's time to invest in yourself and cherish the journey. Our goal is to inspire our customers to choose this path again and again until it becomes their essence.
We redesigned the letter 'M' to mirror the structure of 'W,' fostering both symmetry and rhythm within the logo. Additionally, our logotype spans across both sides of the format, enhancing the overall composition of the content.
Valeria Shaposhnikova
Creative direction
Natalia Gubenko
Liza Rozhkova
Khrystyna Hovorukha
Branding design
Alexandra Romanenko
Branding design
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
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