Make leisure active together. Women for women.
Norba is a brand of female clothing worn in direct contact with the skin. Created by women for women. Norba springs from the deep devotion to female bodies and their natural urge to breathe, sense, express and move freely through the world.
Co-founder Olga approached us in the early stages when the concept of "athleisure" fashion didn't even exist. On one side, there were sports clothes with bright stripes, and on the other side, traditional wear for yoga. Our main objective was to define the visual direction for this new clothing category.
"Working with Orchidea team was a pleasure. They thoroughly analyzed our competitors and the best ways to channel our values. As a young brand, we learned a lot of working with guys."
Olga Norba
Co-founder and CEO
What we did
From the very beginning, we have been working closely with Norba, crafting their identity and developing their initial website. Over the years, our collaboration has continued, as they consistently turn to us for various tasks related to updating and refining their brand's style.
Valeria Shaposhnikova
Creative direction
Valeria Shaposhnikova
Brand strategy
Akim Karpach
Brand Identity
Brand Strategy

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