Swan Soda

Natural soda water for well-being.
Artem Lebed is an author and one of the founders of the brand. His personal story relates to his sister, who had trouble consuming sugar-containing soda in childhood. Hence, Artem's goal is to substitute all the mass market sugar-containing water with the high-quality production of sugar-free, all-natural flavours and dyes that won't contain harmful elements.
The design we created strikes a balance between elegance and brutalism. The logo of the brand "SWAN" incorporates graceful details in the letters "S" and "A" of a sans-serif font, conveying an exquisite visual representation. The use of a white background and black typography is in harmony with the swan motif.
What we did
We have developed a series of illustrations for each flavor of our sodas, designed in an exaggerated and eye-catching style. The use of two complementary colors creates a fresh and vibrant look. Additionally, we have incorporated small icons in abstract shapes to highlight the unique benefits of each drink.
Valeria Shaposhnikova
Creative direction & Brand design
Akim Karpach
Creative photography
Brand Identity
Product Shooting

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