First sustainable eyewear made from coffee.
Ochis is a sustainable eyewear company with unique technology based on used coffee grounds. Being environmentally conscious and aware of the pollution traditionally brought on by the optical industry, Ochis wanted to put forward a new type of glasses.
Akim, co-founder and brand officer, approached us to refresh the appearance of their brand. Ochis was already featured as an innovative startup in Forbes, BBC, and other media. With a promising start, they wanted to take their brand's appearance to the next level.
"We worked with Orchidea to design the perfect identity for our company. The result was ideally crafted to our requests and just cool on its own. They did a lot of research to understand our wants and needs and were always there to discuss the design. As a result, we now have a logo that we can be confidently proud of!"
Akim Karpach
Co-founder and Creative Director
The sign is symbolized by three coffee beans that rotate around its axis, representing the concept of recycling. The movement of the beans signifies the continuous cycle of sustainability and environmental consciousness.
Valeria Shaposhnikova
Brand design
Akim Karpach

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