Pro et Contra

Female law company with a sense of aesthetic and humor.
There is a prevailing perception that lawyers are serious, cold, and pragmatic individuals who charge for every word they speak. In light of this, our goal was to establish a brand image for lawyers that is friendly, open, and light-hearted yet still exudes an air of elegance.
Latin for "Pro et Contra" translates to "For and Against". The name's logic is straightforward: a skilled lawyer must carefully consider all aspects of a case and arrive at the correct decision. To highlight the semantic meaning of the name, we incorporated two contrasting colors positioned opposite each other, creating a dynamic interplay between the background and text.
You'll notice two contrasting colors, blue and pink, which represent the core meaning of "For and Against". We consistently change the background to create a dynamic visual experience that aligns with the concept.
The innovative branding and design approach helped reduce the fear typically associated with legal matters. Clients feel comfortable and at ease, knowing they are in the hands of approachable and understanding lawyers. Pro-et-Contra's unique style and friendly image have set them apart in the industry, fostering a positive and trusting relationship with their clients.
Valeria Shaposhnikova
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