Revolutionary Posture Apparel. Winner at San Francisco Design Week.
Etalon offers an innovative posture bra with orthopedic features. Its unique, patented technology provides support for the upper back, promoting a posture-positive lifestyle.
Kristina, the founder of Etalon and a pilates instructor, had an innovative idea to address the detrimental effects of our computer-sitting routines. With their vision for a breakthrough design in the wellness and health market, Kristina and the marketing director, Kate, approached us for assistance.
"Orchidea has an understanding of modern design trends, UX, and visual quality. They are good at building brands that look relevant and beautiful for consumers."
Katherine Sakovich
Etalon Chief Marketing Officer
What we did
Our task was to visually represent the brand's main idea of smartly adjusted levels that help maintain a straight back. To achieve this, we created moving stripes that encompass all elements of the layout.
Our approach establishes an immediate connection between the visual design and the product itself. Even the logotype features a vivid curly line in the letter "A", enhancing the cohesiveness of the typography with the overall style.
With a strong brand identity and a strategic digital presence, Etalon has attracted a growing customer base and positioned itself as an industry leader. The brand's success was further recognized, winning the San Francisco Design Award.
Valeria Shaposhnikova
Creative direction
Khrystyna Hovorukha
Brand & E-commerce design
Olha Kyselova
Animation & Digital design
Rita Radriewitz
Graphic design
Brand Identity
Social Media Kit
Print Materials

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